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Most special events and activities held in the Park require a Special Use Permit, issued only after the National Park Service (NPS) determines that the activities involved will not impair park values and resources. The Office of Special Park Uses evaluates all proposals for special events at ADAMS NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK. Our permitting process ensures that special events are conducted in a manner consistent with NPS standards of resource and visitor protection. Our goal is for all special events to foster the mission of the NPS and benefit the general public and event participants. To facilitate your application for a Special Use Permit, we have listed below a few things you will need to know about planning and holding your event or activity in the Park.

Site-Specific Permit Conditions
Each Special Use Permit issued by the Office of Special Park Uses is based upon general conditions that protect regular visitor access, safety, and park values and resources. Other permit conditions may be imposed depending upon the proposed event activities and the Park site in which it is held.

Steps in Obtaining a Special Use Permit
1) Permit Request Review and Evaluation We are happy to assist you with the permit process and to guide you in planning your event or activity logistics so that they comply with special use policies, guidelines and regulations. We use the following forms during the permit process in order to evaluate your permit request:
• Application Forms: The Office of Special Park Uses has several specialized application forms to enable the prospective permittee to clearly articulate all aspects of the proposed program or event for NPS evaluation, and to delineate the planning criteria that are essential for NPS review. Depending upon the complexity of your event request, proposals may take up to four weeks to evaluate.

2) Event Scheduling and Permit Issuance The Office of Special Park Uses maintains a yearly calendar of all special events held in the park. All requests for event dates are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. The following items are required in order to reserve a calendar date for your event and issue the permit:
In order to classify your prospective activity into the proper category and to establish the administrative cost for your application, it is necessary to contact the Special Use Coordinator. To determine the proper staff member, please call our office at (617) 773-1177. NPS staff will determine classification of all proposals. The combination of conditions and the prospective venue will be considered when determining this classification.
• Administrative Cost Payment: The National Park Service (NPS) is committed to recovering the cost of providing goods, resources or services to support or facilitate special park uses. These costs are determined on the basis of the type of permit sought by the applicant. These administrative costs are incurred by the NPS to process every application, regardless of whether a permit is issued. These costs are therefore NON-REFUNDABLE, EVEN IF A PERMIT IS NOT GRANTED. Payment of administrative costs does not guarantee that an applicant will receive a permit. These costs must be paid before an application can be processed.
• Certificate of Insurance: The Certificate of Insurance should list the United States/National Park Service, ADAM, 135 Adams Street, Quincy, MA 02169, as “additionally insured” for the date(s) of 2 Rev 9/18/01 BRS the event or activity. This liability coverage (range: $1,000,000 to $5,000,000) includes operations, personal injury, product liability, property damage and loss, and other necessary categories to be listed in the permit.
• Security Deposit: For events with potentially high participant impact, permittees must post a bond check (preferably a cashier’s check) made payable to the National Park Service. The bond amount is based upon projected number of attendees, and level and scope of event activities. It is refundable unless the deposit must be used (in whole or part) for site cleanup, trash removal, or property damage because the permittee fails to comply with permit conditions.
• Tax ID Number or Social Security Number: This number is required by 31 USC 7701 (c) from each person or organization doing business with the federal government. The federal government may use this number to collect and report delinquent debt.

Event Supervision and Management
The NPS reserves the right to monitor the conditions of all issued Special Use Permits. Arrangements for onsite NPS staff to supervise monitor, or staff special events are made in advance of the event, and fully agreed to by the NPS and the permittee. The charge for NPS personnel is $35 per hour per staff person required, with a 4- hour minimum shift. permittees should be aware that the NPS is committed to recovering all direct costs that the government incurs as a result of issuing and managing Special Use Permits. The permittee also must appoint or act as an Event Manager. This individual must be onsite at all times during the event and must carry the Special Use Permit at all times during the event. The Event Manager must ensure that all event agents, attendees, and audiences comply with the permit conditions, directives, and instructions from NPS rangers and officers, and all posted NPS regulations.

Police Details
Some events require a Police Details at ADAM works in partnership with Quincy City Police Department. If it is determined a police detail is required the cost is incurred by the permittee.

Last updated: January 16, 2018

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