Visitors and Volunteers on July 4

Reflecting on his life in public service, John Adams wrote:

Mausoleums, statues, monuments will never be erected to me. I wish them not. Panegyrical romances will never be written, nor flattering orations spoken, to transmit me to posterity in brilliant colors. No, nor in true colors. All but the last I loathe.

-John Adams to Benjamin Rush, March 23, 1809

A young Patriot represents his colony in the Continental Congress.
A young patriot represents his colony in the Continental Congress!
Some 968 visitors participated in the Adams National Historical Park July 4th celebration. Pen & Parchment, a lively re-enactment of the Continental Congress of 1776, where audience members assume the role of delegate, engage in a lively debate and vote for Independence, was filled to capacity, with standing room only. Every seat was filled for the 2 hour performance of, Jefferson and Adams: A Stage Play, reaching some 250 people. The John Adams and John Quincy Adams Birthplaces served over 273 visitors for interpretive tours of the homes and 305 visitors toured the Old House.
Visitors listen to the Declaration of Independence beneath John Adams's study at Peace field.
Visitors joined in for a ceremonial reading of the Declaration of Independence.
Imagine John Adams's reaction at seeing the 56 delegates of the 2015 Continental Congress of 1776, and spectators, standing below his Study window at the Old House at Peace field, for a ceremonial reading of the Declaration of Independence, 239 years later on July 4th!
Young Volunteers at Adams National Historical Park
Adams NHP Volunteers assisted in setting up activities and programs, joined in the congress, and photo documented the day's events.  They are the key to our success!
The days diverse programs, including a re-enactment, a reading of the Declaration of Independence, history shared through the performing arts, and interpretive tours; served to transmit John Adams to posterity in brilliant colors.

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