John Adams Birthplace

JA birthplace
The House known as the John Adams Birthplace was built by Joseph Penniman in 1681 and inhabited by the Penniman family until John Adams' father bought the house and six acres of property surrounding it in 1720. On October 30,1735, John Adams was born in this humble cottage. In this quiet rural setting where his father tilled his acreage during the summer and practiced the trade of cordwaining in winter, the nation's second president grew to manhood. John's father, Deacon John Adams (1692-1761), instilled in his oldest son a strong interest in municipal affairs and farming and a respect for God. John's mother, Susanna Boylston (1709-1797), came from one of Massachusetts' most prominent families and introduced her son to the customs and lifestyles of the elite of colonial Boston. Upon his father's death in 1761, john's brother Peter Boylston Adams inherited the original homestead. The adjacent house, which Deacon John purchased in 1744, was bequeathed to John. The future second president eventually bought his birthplace from his brother in 1774. John and Abigail Adams lived next door and rented out this house during the Revolutionary War.

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