Book of Mormon

Joseph Smith's Signature
The signature of Joseph Smith in the Book of Mormon

In 1844, Charles Francis Adams and his cousin Josiah Quincy, Jr. were touring the country when they came to Nauvoo, Illinois. While there they met with Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism. Following the visit, Joseph Smith signed a copy of the Book of Mormon and gave it to Charles Francis Adams.

The binding from the Book of Mormon
The binding of the 1841 Book of Mormon given to Charles Francis Adams by Joseph Smith.  The engraving of Smith's wife, Emma, can be seen on the bottom.
This Book of Mormon remains at Adams National Historical Park.
Charles Francis Adams's inscription in the Book of Mormon
Charles Francis Adams also confirmed the signature in the Book of Mormon.
The 1841's Book of Mormon binding and cover
The 1841 signed Book of Mormon as it can be seen on the tour of Adams National Historical Park.

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