Jordan Pond

A log and rocks reflecting in a pond
The Bubbles and Pemetic Mountain reflected in Jordan Pond

Photo by Nathaniel X. Boechat, Friends of Acadia, NPS

Visit Jordan Pond

Jordan Pond is one of the park's most pristine lakes, with outstanding surrounding mountain scenery. Glaciers carved the landscape, leaving behind numerous geological features.

Jordan Pond’s beauty has become iconic—attracting multitudes of visitors for over a century who have enjoyed canoeing and kayaking, exploring nearby carriage roads, or trying famous tea and popovers at the Jordan Pond House.

Getting Around

Jordan Pond is located off the two-way section of the Park Loop Road. It is approximately 30 minutes from Hulls Cove Visitor Center. Visitors can also access this area from the Stanley Brook Entrance in Seal Harbor.

  • By car: Starting from Hulls Cove Visitor Center, continue straight at the four way intersection. Follow the Park Loop Road. At 2.8 miles, continue straight and remain on the two-way section of the Park Loop Road following signs for Jordan Pond.
    • For a longer route, turn left onto the one-way section towards Sand Beach. Continue on the Park Loop Road for approximately 14 miles to reach Jordan Pond.
  • By bus: The fare-free Island Explorer stops at Jordan Pond. Check bus schedule for routes and timetable.

Explore This Area

Trail leads up a mountain overlooking a pond
Day Hikes at Jordan Pond

Walk around or hike up different trails for views of Jordan Pond and the surrounding scenery.

Two people rowing a canoe on a pond
Boating at Jordan Pond

Bring your own boat to explore Jordan Pond. Check specific watercraft restrictions before launching.

Cyclist rides by signs on a carriage road
Carriage Roads

45 miles of historic carriage roads cross the park and provide recreation opportunities free of automobiles.


What Else to Know

  • How deep is Jordan Pond? Jordan Pond is 150 ft deep and spans 187 acres, making it the deepest and second largest lake at Acadia.
  • What are the two mountains north of the pond? The two distinct mountains seen in photographs with Jordan Pond are North Bubble and South Bubble (often referred to together as The Bubbles).
  • Is Jordan Pond always crowded? Afternoons can be very congested at Jordan Pond, especially for hiking trails and carriage road access. Be prepared to visit at a different time if parking lots are full. Protect vegetation by staying on designated trails, especially in high use areas.
  • Why can't I swim in Jordan Pond? Jordan Pond is Seal Harbor's drinking water supply. Therefore, swimming and boats with motors above 10 horsepower are prohibited.
  • How old is Jordan Pond House? Guests were first served at Jordan Pond House in 1893. The original house burned in 1979, and the current one was built in 1982.
  • Which carriage roads can I access from Jordan Pond? See carriage road map for details.
  • When was the Jordan Pond Gatehouse built? Jordan Pond Gatehouse was built in 1932 as part of the carriage road system. It is now used as park housing.

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