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Woman takes a photograph by pond saturated in fall colors

Photo courtesy of Andrew Eggers. Used with Permission.

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Your @AcadiaNPS

How can you share your favorite photo of Acadia with the world? ... Easy. Tag it @AcadiaNPS

More than 3.3 million people visit Acadia every year, and each of them takes about half a jillion pictures. As you post yours to social media, tag them @AcadiaNPS, and then everybody can enjoy them at once.

We’ll be watching, too. If we see something really fresh, fun, and innovative that depicts something about Acadia that most people don’t get to experience very often, we’ll reach out. Look for comments or direct messages from us that are branded with the official NPS arrowhead. In Instagram, you’ll also see a blue “verified” check mark.

  • We’ll ask your permission to share the photo on AcadiaNPS sites.
  • We’ll ask you to email us an original resolution copy, and for some caption information including your full name and hometown, the date and place where it was taken, and any stories you want to add for context.
  • Finally, we’ll also ask your permission to hang onto your photo for other possible uses in the future, such as fliers, posters, exhibits, school outreach, and props that park rangers use during their walks, talks, and campground programs. You retain copyright. You’re just granting these limited non-commercial uses to Acadia National Park, the National Park Service, the Department of the Interior, and their official partners.

* Sorry, we can’t use images with watermarks, or that overtly market products for professional photographers.

Thanks for visiting, and for sharing your favorite moments from the experience with the world through @AcadiaNPS.

Last updated: October 29, 2020

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