2019 Boundary Law



(a) Boundary Clarification.--Section 101 of Public Law 99-420 (16 U.S.C. 341 note) is amended--

(1) in the first sentence, by striking ``In order to'' and
inserting the following:

(a) Boundaries.--Subject to subsections (b) and (c)(2), to'';

(2) in the second sentence--

(A) by striking ``The map shall be on file'' and inserting the following:

(c) Availability and Revisions of Maps.--

(1) Availability.--The map, together with the map
described in subsection (b)(1) and any revised boundary map
published under paragraph (2), if applicable, shall be--

(A) on file''; and
(B) by striking ``Interior, and it shall be made''
and inserting the following: ``Interior; and
(B) made'';
(3) by inserting after subsection (a) (as designated by

paragraph (1)) the following:

(b) Schoodic Peninsula Addition.--

(1) In general.--The boundary of the Park is confirmed to
include approximately 1,441 acres of land and interests in land,
as depicted on the map entitled `Acadia National Park, Hancock
County, Maine, Schoodic Peninsula Boundary Revision', numbered
123/129102, and dated July 10, 2015.
(2) Ratification and approval of acquisitions of land.--
Congress ratifies and approves--

(A) effective as of September 26, 2013, the
acquisition by the United States of the land and
interests in the land described in paragraph (1); and
(B) effective as of the date on which the
alteration occurred, any alteration of the land or
interests in the land described in paragraph (1) that is
held or claimed by the United States (including
conversion of the land to fee simple interest) that
occurred after the date described in subparagraph

(A).''; and

(4) in subsection (c) (as designated by paragraph (2)(A)),
by adding at the end the following:

(2) Technical and limited revisions.--Subject to section
102(k), notwithstanding any other provision of this section,
the Secretary of the Interior (referred to in this title as the
`Secretary'), by publication in the Federal Register of a
revised boundary map or other description, may make--

(A) such technical boundary revisions as the
Secretary determines to be appropriate to the permanent
boundaries of the Park (including any property of the
Park located within the Schoodic Peninsula and Isle Au
Haut districts) to resolve issues resulting from causes
such as survey error or changed road alignments; and
(B) such limited boundary revisions as the
Secretary determines to be appropriate to the permanent
boundaries of the Park to take into account acquisitions
or losses, by exchange, donation, or purchase from
willing sellers using donated or appropriated funds, of
land adjacent to or within the Park, respectively, in
any case in which the total acreage of the land to be so
acquired or lost is less than 10 acres, subject to the
condition that--

(i) any such boundary revision shall not be
a part of a more-comprehensive boundary revision;
(ii) all such boundary revisions, considered
collectively with any technical boundary revisions
made pursuant to subparagraph (A), do not increase
the size of the Park by more than a total of 100
acres, as compared to the size of the Park on the
date of enactment of this paragraph.''.

(b) Limitation on Acquisitions of Land for Acadia National Park.--
Section 102 of Public Law 99-420 (16 U.S.C. 341 note) is amended--

(1) in subsection (a), in the matter preceding paragraph
(1), by striking ``of the Interior (hereinafter in this title
referred to as `the Secretary')'';
(2) in subsection (d)(1), in the first sentence, by striking
``the the'' and inserting ``the'';
(3) in subsection (k)--
(A) by redesignating the subsection as paragraph (4)
and indenting the paragraph appropriately; and
(B) by moving the paragraph so as to appear at the
end of subsection (b); and
(4) by adding at the end the following:

(k) Requirements.--Before revising the boundaries of the Park pursuant to this section or section 101(c)(2)(B), the Secretary shall--

(1) certify that the proposed boundary revision will
contribute to, and is necessary for, the proper preservation,
protection, interpretation, or management of the Park;
(2) consult with the governing body of each county, city,
town, or other jurisdiction with primary taxing authority over
the land or interest in land to be acquired regarding the
impacts of the proposed boundary revision;
(3) obtain from each property owner the land or interest
in land of which is proposed to be acquired for, or lost from,
the Park written consent for the proposed boundary revision; and
(4) submit to the Acadia National Park Advisory Commission
established by section 103(a), the Committee on Natural
Resources of the House of Representatives, the Committee on
Energy and Natural Resources of the Senate, and the Maine
Congressional Delegation a written notice of the proposed
boundary revision.

(l) Limitation.--The Secretary may not use the authority provided
by section 100506 of title 54, United States Code, to adjust the
permanent boundaries of the Park pursuant to this title.''.

(c) Acadia National Park Advisory Commission.--

(1) <> In general.--The Secretary
shall reestablish and appoint members to the Acadia National
Park Advisory Commission in accordance with section 103 of
Public Law 99-420 (16 U.S.C. 341 note).
(2) Conforming amendment.--Section 103 of Public Law 99-420
(16 U.S.C. 341 note) is amended by striking subsection (f).

(d) Repeal of Certain Provisions Relating to Acadia National Park.--

The following are repealed:
(1) Section 3 of the Act of February 26, 1919 < 343.>> (40 Stat. 1178, chapter 45).
(2) The first section of the Act of January 19,
1929 <> (45 Stat. 1083, chapter 77).

(e) Modification of Use Restriction.--The Act of August 1, 1950 (64 Stat. 383, chapter 511), is amended--

(1) by striking ``That the Secretary'' and inserting the following:


The Secretary''; and

(2) by striking ``for school purposes'' and inserting ``for
public purposes, subject to the conditions that use of the land
shall not degrade or adversely impact the resources or values of
Acadia National Park and that the land shall remain in public
ownership for recreational, educational, or similar public

(f) Continuation of Certain Traditional Uses.--Title I of Public Law 99-420 (16 U.S.C. 341 note) is amended by adding at the end the following:


(a) Definitions.--In this section:

(1) Land within the park.--The term `land within the Park'
means land owned or controlled by the United States--
(A) that is within the boundary of the Park
established by section 101; or
(B)(i) that is outside the boundary of the Park;
(ii) in which the Secretary has or acquires a
property interest or conservation easement pursuant to
this title.

(2) Marine species; marine worm; shellfish.--The terms
`marine species', `marine worm', and `shellfish' have the
meanings given those terms in section 6001 of title 12 of the
Maine Revised Statutes (as in effect on the date of enactment of
this section).
(3) State law.--The term `State law' means the law
(including regulations) of the State of Maine, including the
common law.
(4) Taking.--The term `taking' means the removal or
attempted removal of a marine species, marine worm, or shellfish
from the natural habitat of the marine species, marine worm, or

(b) Continuation of Traditional Uses.--The Secretary shall allow
for the traditional taking of marine species, marine worms, and
shellfish, on land within the Park between the mean high watermark and
the mean low watermark in accordance with State law.''.
(g) Conveyance of Certain Land in Acadia National Park to the Town
of Bar Harbor, Maine.-

(1) In general.--The Secretary shall convey to the Town of

Bar Harbor all right, title, and interest of the United States
in and to the .29-acre parcel of land in Acadia National Park
identified as lot 110-055-000 on the tax map of the Town of Bar
Harbor for section 110, dated April 1, 2015, to be used for--

(A) a solid waste transfer facility; or
(B) other public purposes consistent with uses
allowed under the Act of June 14, 1926 (commonly known
as the ``Recreation and Public Purposes Act'') (44 Stat.
741, chapter 578; 43 U.S.C. 869 et seq.).

(2) Reversion.--If the land conveyed under paragraph (1) is

used for a purpose other than a purpose described in that
paragraph, the land shall, at the discretion of the Secretary,
revert to the United States.


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