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Where in the world is Tuzigoot? (5th Grade)

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Wherever you’re traveling to in the United States, visiting a national park can be exciting.


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The United States was the first country in the world to set aside national parks! Seashores, lakeshores, mountains, canyons, caves, deserts, coral reefs, natural arches and bridges are represented in our national park sites. Important parts of our nation's history are also preserved and protected by the National Park Service (NPS). People from around the world study and visit battlefields, war sites, American Indian sites, and the homes of Presidents, inventors, civil rights leaders, authors, and others of national prominence.

This 90 minute classroom program uses award-winning curriculum to introduce youth to the NPS's guiding mission of both conservation and public enjoyment. Working in small groups, students use their reading, note taking, and research skills to identify a mystery park.They then uncover the park's unique features by examining tactile objects that represent the site.Groups practice their public speaking skills by creating a group presentation for their class to share what they discovered about their particular park. Students gain a greater awareness, understanding, and appreciation of these national treasures. We hope they are inspired to become park stewards and to get out and experience the parks firsthand!


Anthropology, Art, Conservation, Geography, Geology, History, Landscapes, Museum Studies, Philanthropy/Humanitarianism, Recreation / Leisure / Tourism
National/State Standards:
2007 Maine State Learning Results
Career and Education: Self-knowledge A3 & 4, Life Roles B3, Decision-making C3
Social Studies: Geography D1, History E1 & 2
National Parks, mission, Preservation, legacy, natural and cultural heritage, philanthropy, diversity, resources
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