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Reservations are not required to enter Yosemite National Park, but we strongly recommend that you make reservations for lodging, camping, and backpacking. You can pay the park entrance fee upon arrival (there's no need to pay it in advance).

Business Permits and Commercial Use Authorizations

Commercial Passenger Vehicle Commercial Use Authorizations

If you're leading a trip in Yosemite, please ensure your group is aware of park regulations and safety issues.

Guiding Permits

Film Permits

Special Use Permits

  • Special event permits [586 kb PDF]
    For first amendment activities, special events, business operations, public assembly, sale or distribution of printed material, or construction

Permits for Other Activities

Educational Fee Waivers

Permission to Scatter Cremated Remains

Research and Collection Permits

Wedding permits

Wilderness permits

Half Dome Permits


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