Online Snorkel Trip: Corals, Sponges and Creepy Crawlies

turquoise-colored seawater, with shallow depths in the forground, transitioning to greater depths in the background

Welcome to Virgin Islands National Park!  This is one of our two Online Snorkel Trips.  If you choose to go snorkeling on this trip, you'll swim from Station A to L, and see some of our more common corals, sponges and other invertebrates, meaning animals without backbones.  You could also enjoy our other Online Snorkel Trip about Fish & Turtles (see link below.)  Why not snorkel both?!  When you've completed either one or both, you can award yourself the Virgin Islands National Park SOS Snorkeling Certificate!


You could swim over to the Online Snorkel Trip: Fish & Turtles, or join us right now for the OST: Corals, Sponges & Creepy Crawlies. Heeeeeeeeere we go; onto Station A!

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