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    National Military Park Mississippi

Physical / Mobility

For Those With Mobility Impairments: All visitor facilities at Vicksburg NMP are handicapped accessible, and handicapped parking spaces are designated in the lots at the Clay Street Visitor Center and the USS Cairo Exhibit. Visitors must display the appropriate handicapped hang tag and/or license plate. There are 15 designated tours stops along the park road, each with a pull-off for vehicle parking, allowing partial accessibility to various wayside plaques and monuments.

Park Buildings: The Clay Street Visitor Center and USS Cairo exhibit and museum are fully accessible. Restrooms are located outside each building in the attached breezeways

Entrance ramp to the USS Cairo Museum
NPS Photo

Did You Know?

Old Douglas Headstone, Cedar Hill Cemetery

The 43d Mississippi Infantry's mascot, Douglas the Camel, remained with the regiment until Vicksburg where he was killed by Union sharpshooters. Douglas is honored with his own grave marker in Vicksburg's Cedar Hill Cemetery.