37th Ohio Infantry

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37th Ohio Infantry 19 and 22 May 1863 Assault Markers

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Monument is located on Union Avenue, 150 yards south of Graveyard Road. Also markers designating the assault of 19 May 1863, located on the scout trail, 230 yards north of Bowen's Bust on Confederate Avenue, and the assault of 22 May 1863, located on Graveyard Road at the cut 400 ft east of the Stockade Redan. This unit was attached to Brig. Gen. Hugh Ewing's 3d Brigade, of Maj. Gen. Francis P. Blair's 2d Division, Maj. Genl's William T. Sherman's and Frederick Steele's XV Army Corps, and commanded by Lt. Col. Louis Von Blessingh (wounded 22 May 1863), Maj. Charles Hipp, and Col. Edward Siber.

37th Ohio Infantry Regimental Monument

37th Ohio Infantry Regimental Monument

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