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Kentucky Memorial

Kentucky Memorial

Kentucky Memorial

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The Kentucky monument is located on Kentucky Avenue, which runs between the Union and Confederate lines on the south loop of the park road just north of tour stop 15. The Kentucky memorial was dedicated on October 20, 2001 and features bronze statues of United States President Abraham Lincoln and Confederate President Jefferson Davis who were both native Kentuckians. The memorial symbolized the division within Kentucky during the Civil War as well as the reunification of the state and country afterward. Bluegrass resident Sarah Bowers came to Vicksburg in 1998, and found no monument to commemorate the efforts of Kentucky's sons. Mrs. Bowers enlisted the support of state representatives and the Kentucky Heritage Council, after which the Official Kentucky Vicksburg Monument Association was formed. The Association was charged with designing and erecting a memorial to honor both Union and Confederate Kentuckians.

Did You Know?

Old Douglas Headstone, Cedar Hill Cemetery

The 43d Mississippi Infantry's mascot, Douglas the Camel, remained with the regiment until Vicksburg where he was killed by Union sharpshooters. Douglas is honored with his own grave marker in Vicksburg's Cedar Hill Cemetery.