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Florida Memorial

Florida State Memorial
Florida State Memorial
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The Florida State Memorial is located outside of Vicksburg National Military Park on former park property in the City of Vicksburg. It is situated along south Confederate Avenue at the Mulvihill Street intersection. The memorial was constructed of Elberton Georgia Granite by the Atlantic Memorials of Jacksonville, FL and dedicated April 17, 1954. It stands in honor of the soldiers who served in General Joseph E. Johnston's army of relief.

The memorial was provided by the Florida United Daughters of the Confederacy (U.D.C.) at a cost of $5000. It consists of a upright granite monolith with a polished surface 4' x 3'8". The Florida State Seal is at the top, front, "In God we trust" along with the following words: "Whether sleeping in distant places, or graveless, this monument has been erected to the memory of the men who served the Confederate States of America."

Did You Know?

Old Douglas Headstone, Cedar Hill Cemetery

The 43d Mississippi Infantry's mascot, Douglas the Camel, remained with the regiment until Vicksburg where he was killed by Union sharpshooters. Douglas is honored with his own grave marker in Vicksburg's Cedar Hill Cemetery.