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    National Military Park Mississippi

Confederate Parole Records - Z

                                             Type of       Paroled

Last Name - First - MI - Rank      Unit-State-Unit-Company   At
ZEIL          FRANK           PVT        1ST  MO  INF   G  FIELD

ZELIGHER      W         Q     PVT       43RD  TN  INF   H  FIELD

ZENOR         THOMAS          PVT       40TH  AL  INF   F  FIELD

ZETLER        EDWARD          CPL        1ST  TN  ART   C  FIELD

ZIMMERMAN     J               PVT        3RD  MD  ART      FIELD

ZINERA        JOSEPH          PVT       21ST  LA  INF   A  FIELD

ZOLLINGER     J         H     PVT       2ND   MO  INF   D  HOSP

ZOMBLAND      ROBERT          PVT       42ND  AL  INF   C  FIELD

ZORN          G               PVT     WAUL'S  TX        A  MARINE HOSP

ZRODER        W         J     PVT       31ST  TN  INF   C  FIELD

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Vicksburg National Military Park is one of the most heavily monumented parks in the world with over 1330 monuments, markers, tablets, and plaques. The beauty and artistry of its monumentation prompted one Civil War veteran to call Vicksburg National Military Park, "the art park of the world."