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5th Missouri Infantry

5th Missouri Infantry Regimental Monument

5th Missouri Infantry Regimental Monument

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Monuments located on Confederate Avenue at the Stockade Redan (Park Tour Stop 10) designating the repulses of the 19 and 22 May 1863 assaults. Also a multiple monument to Bowen's Division located at the same site, and a multiple monument located on Old Jackson Road at the 3d Louisiana Redan (Park Tour Stop 3). This unit was attached to Col. Francis M. Cockrell's 1st Brigade, of Brig. Gen. John S. Bowen's Division, Lt. Gen. John C. Pemberton's Army of Vicksburg, and commanded by Col. James McCown and Lt. Col. Robert S. Bevier. [Refer to Edwin Bearss' The Vicksburg Campaign, Volume II, pages 316, 407, 645, and 688; and Volume III, pages 780, 871, and 967.]
5th Missouri Infantry Assault Markers
5th Missouri Infantry Assault Markers
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Graves in Vicksburg National Cemetery

Vicksburg National Cemetery is the largest internment of Civil War dead in the nation. It is the burial place for nearly 17,000 Union soldiers.