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    National Military Park Mississippi

10th Missouri Cavalry, Company C

Unit Position Marker

Regimental Marker

NPS Photo

Multiple monument located on Union Avenue, 300 feet south of Graveyard Road.

This unit was attached to Maj. Gen. Francis P. Blair's 2d Division, of Maj. Gen'ls William T. Sherman's and Frederick Steele's XV Army Corps, and commanded by Capt. Daniel W. Ballou and Lt. Benjamin Joel.

Did You Know?

Thomas O. Selfridge

Thomas O. Selfridge, captain of the USS Cairo, commanded three boats which sank during the war. Each began with the letter "C"-Cumberland, Cairo, and Conestoga. The coincidence was noted after the Conestoga sank, and Selfridge was assigned to the USS Osage, which survived to the end of the war.