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    Vanderbilt Mansion

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    Because of road work the park will be CLOSED to all visitors on Tuesday, September 23rd and Wednesday, September 24th. Call 845-229-9115 for more information. (Updated at 2:28pm 9/18)

Frequently Asked Questions

Many visitors to the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park, NY want to know how these Vanderbilts are related to the Vanderbilt Mansions in Newport, RI and Asheville, NC. Frederick Vanderbilt (Hyde Park) was one of eight children of William H. Vanderbilt. Frederick's older brothers Cornelius (Breakers) and William (Marble House) had homes in Newport, RI. His younger brother George (Biltmore) built the house in Asheville, NC.

To learn more about Frederick's brothers homes please visit their websites at:



Did You Know?

Louise Vanderbilt

In August of 2014 the NPS found out that Louise Vanderbilt was born September 4, 1854, making her only 18 months older than Frederick and not 12 years as orginally thought.