Parks as Classrooms

Curriculum Materials

Explore several lesson plans and other activities within the "Celebrating a Symbol" program. Help your students connect with the Statue of Liberty, her symbolism, and her history like never before! For ideas about using propaganda posters featuring the Statue of Liberty in meeting Common Core Informative/Explanatory Writing requirements, visit (May 30, 2013 entry).

Field Trips

Bringing a class to the Statue of Liberty National Monument can be a fun, memorable, and educational experience. With some planning, you can lead your students around Liberty Island with the help of lesson plans and other support materials.

Guest Speakers

If your class cannot visit the Statue of Liberty, perhaps a park ranger can visit your classroom! "Ranger in Your Classroom" programs include "Creating a Symbol," a program designed for 3rd and 4th grade students learning about symbols and the Statue of Liberty.