Frequently Asked Questions


May I Visit …

... the crown or the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty? Tickets to the crown and pedestal are limited, so plan your visit today!

... the museum on Liberty Island? The museum is located inside the base of the Statue of Liberty and is only accessible to visitors who have pedestal or crown tickets.

... the Ellis Island Immigration Museum? Yes. Please be aware, though, that the park is still restoring several areas on the island. Many of the artifacts, documents, and other historic items have been removed. However, most of the exhibit areas are open to the public. Visitors can still see the historic rooms immigrants passed through. Learn how to plan your visit to Ellis Island.

… any inside area of the Statue of Liberty? Pedestal or crown tickets are required. Check for available dates and times.

… the Crown? Those wishing to visit the Crown must be able to walk stairs, including a narrow spiral staircase inside the Statue's body. Crown tickets are available ONLY by advanced reservation.

… the Torch? No. The Torch has been closed since the "Black Tom" explosion of July 30, 1916. For more information on the Black Tom Explosion, visit the New Jersey City University website.

… the Fort? To access the top of Fort Wood, visitors must have pedestal or crown tickets.

Plan Your Visit to the Statue of Liberty

Do I need to buy a ticket to visit the Island? Yes, tickets are needed to board the ferry. Prices and purchasing options can be found on the Fees & Reservations page.

May I purchase a ticket for the inside of the Statue of Liberty? Advanced reservations for the inside of the Statue of Liberty are currently available at

I have a question about my ticket purchase. Who should I contact? Statue Cruises is the ferry operator. For advance tickets, confirmations and group sales, please visit the Contact Us page for phone numbers and web addresses.

What are my food options? A food concessionaire is located on Liberty Island and Ellis Island or you can bring your own. (Large coolers will not be allowed through security screening) Contact our food concessionaire, Evelyn Hill, Inc., on our Contact Us page.

Are pets allowed in the park? No, pets are not permitted on the ferry system or in the park itself. Documented service/assist animals are exempt from this regulation.

May I have a special event on the island? Some activities require a permit. For more information, visit our Permits page.

May I dock my personal vessel at the island? No. Docking of private vessels is not permitted. All visits to the island must be through Statue Cruises, the official transportation concessionaire.

May I take the ferry from New Jersey and go to New York, or vice versa? Yes. However, it is highly recommended that only those with knowledge of New Jersey and New York City transportation options attempt to depart from one side and arrive back at the other. Please refer to this guide for some helpful tips.

May I use my National Park Pass when visiting this park? No. National Park passes are valid at parks that charge an entrance fee. Liberty and Ellis Islands are fee-exempt by law. The cost of the ferry ticket is not an entrance fee.Ticket fees cover the cost of transportation.

About the Statue of Liberty

What materials make up the Statue of Liberty? The Statue of Liberty is made of copper 3/32in. (about 2.5mm) thick, the same as two American pennies placed together. The internal structure is comprised of cast iron and stainless steel.

Why is the Statue green? The Statue's copper has naturally oxidized to form the outer patina, or green, coating. Upon completion in 1886, the Statue of Liberty was more of a traditional brown color, like an American penny. It took about thirty years for the Statue of Liberty to fully oxidize and form the patina.

How tall is the Statue of Liberty? The Statue is 305 feet, 1 inch (about 93m) from the ground to the tip of the flame. It is the equivalent height of a 22-story building and was the tallest structure in New York in 1886. See more Statue Statistics.

Why is the Statue of Liberty a woman? Classical images of Liberty are often depicted in a female form. The Statue of Liberty was modeled after the Roman Goddess of Liberty.

Which direction does the Statue face? The Statue of Liberty was placed inside the existing Fort Wood and faces southeast. The Statue's position makes it a welcoming symbol for arriving ships.

Does the Statue of Liberty ever get struck by lightning? Yes! As one of the tallest structures in the New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty does get struck by lightning. The Statue is grounded through the massive concrete and granite pedestal.

How many Torches have there been on the Statue? The Statue's current torch, added in 1986, is a copper flame covered in 24K gold. It is reflective of the sun's rays in daytime and lighted by floodlights at night. The original torch was removed in 1984 and is now a display piece inside the Pedestal lobby.

Symbols on the Statue of Liberty

What does the torch represent? The torch is a symbol of enlightenment. The Statue's official name represents its most important symbol, "Liberty Enlightening the World."

What is written on the Statue's tablet? The tablet in the Statue's left hand has the date of American Independence: July 4, 1776. The date is written in Roman numerals and reads July IV MDCCLXXVI.

What does the Statue wear on her head? The Statue of Liberty wears a crown, or diadem.

What are the spikes on the crown? Many believe the seven spikes are rays of light representing the seven seas and seven continents of the world.

Where on the Statue are the broken chains located and what do the chains mean? The broken chains are near the Statue's feet and are not visible from the ground level. Many believe the chains represent breaking free from tyranny and servitude.

Keep in Contact with the Statue of Liberty.

Does the Statue of Liberty have a Facebook page? Yes! Our Facebook username is StatueLibrtyNPS.

Is the Statue of Liberty on Twitter? Yes! Visit us on Twitter by following @StatueLibrtyNPS.

Is the Statue of Liberty on Flickr? Yes! Follow our photo streams under the name StatueLibrtyNPS.

Where are the Statue webcams located? Five cameras are located on the Statue's torch balcony. One camera points up at the gold flame. A second camera looks down at the Statue's crown and body. Three more cameras point towards the New York Harbor, providing sweeping views of the city. Our webcams are available under our Photos and Multimedia page.

Statue of Liberty Geography

Is the Statue in New York or New Jersey? The Statue of Liberty is on Liberty Island, federal property administered by the National Park Service, located within the territorial jurisdiction of the State of New York.

Is the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island? No. The park is comprised of two separate islands, Liberty Island and Ellis Island. The Statue of Liberty is on Liberty Island. Ellis Island, the former federal immigration station, is currently a national museum of immigration.

Is Liberty Island a man-made island? Liberty Island has received some landfill on its western shore for administrative and maintenance purposes. However, the land directly under and around the Statue of Liberty is natural. Learn about the Island's original usage by going to our History and Culture page.

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