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The Statue of Liberty in Popular Culture

Statue of Liberty Christmas tree ornament in form of angel
Christmas tree ornament
National Park Service, Statue of Liberty NM
A Statue of Liberty trade card

A Statue of Liberty trade card

National park Service, Statue of Liberty NM

The image of the Statue of Liberty is in the public domain and is available for use to all. As a result, its use since the mid-1880s has been extensive. The museum has a large collection of objects, paper documents and textiles that illustrate the popular use of the Statue of Liberty in hundreds of different contexts. The image in advertising is prevalent as the trade card demonstrates, incorporating the Statue as "enlightening" buyers to the best brand of six-cord thread on the market. Numerous whimsical toys, including Cabbage Patch™ dolls, are designed and manufactured by commercial industries for children's play and collectors' shelves. Collectors and Statue of Liberty enthusiasts have an apparently endless supply of both mass-produced and hand-made original decorative novelties for their home or holiday.

Cabbage Patch doll in white gown and silver crown c. 1986
Cabbage Patch doll c. 1986
National park Service, Statue of Liberty NM

Did You Know?

View of statue with harbor in background

Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi placed his Statue on a federally owned island called "Bedloe's" in New York Harbor. His original concept was to place a statue of a woman at the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869.