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  • The Generals Highway "Road Between the Parks" is OPEN

    The section of road between Lodgepole (Sequoia) and Grant Grove (Kings Canyon) is open. Call 559-565-3341 (press 1, 1) for 24-hour road updates.

  • Be Prepared! Tire Chains or Cables May Be Required in the Parks at Any Time

    All vehicles must carry chains or cables when entering a chain-restricted area. It's the law (CA Vehicle Code, Section 605, Sections 27450-27503). Road conditions may change often. For road conditions, call 559-565-3341 (press 1, 1). More »

  • You May Have Trouble Calling Us

    We are experiencing technical problems receiving incoming phone calls. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please send us an email to SEKI_Interpretation@nps.gov or check the "More" link for trip-planning information. More »

  • Vehicle Length Limits in Sequoia National Park (if Entering/Exiting Hwy 198)

    Planning to see the "Big Trees" in Sequoia National Park? If you enter/exit via Hwy. 198, please pay close attention to vehicle length advisories for your safety and the safety of others. More »

Road Conditions

Please read important park alerts by clicking the red tab above before you come to the parks.


Some of the opening/closing dates for facilities and visitor services in the parks may change due to weather and/or other circumstances. Please call 559-565-3341 BEFORE you plan to visit.


Length Limits and Advisories

For 24-hour road conditions and advisories please call
559-565-3341 (press 1, 1).

For general schedules of road closures, see Road Status below Road Improvements.


Check the most recent news release for road construction updates, schedules, and delays.

Be sure to check bulletin boards for updates and details. We appreciate your patience while we work to improve park roads.

Parkwide Chip Sealing

Summer 2014

Expect short, intermittent delays.
Some one-way roads may be closed.


Due to constantly changing conditions, please call 559-565-3341 (press 1, 1) for the 24-hour road status and advisories.

Generals Highway (Foothills to Lodgepole)

Closed occasionally during and after snowstorms for plowing. Chains may be required for all vehicles. Current status: OPEN

See Vehicle Restrictions for more information.

Generals Highway "The Road Between the Parks" (Lodgepole to Grant Grove)
Closes occasionally during and after snowstorms for plowing. Chains may be required for all vehicles. Current status: OPEN

Highway 180 (Grant Grove to Cedar Grove)

Closed in winter beyond Hume Lake. Chains may be required for all vehicles on open roadways. Current status: CLOSED just beyond Junction View.

Cedar Grove Open with Limited Services:
12 noon on Apr. 24 through 12 noon on May 21, 2014, and
12 noon on Oct. 15 through 12 noon on Nov. 15, 2014
(All campgrounds, lodge, market, showers and laundry closed during this time, except one loop open in Sentinel Campground).

All Services and Facilities Open in Cedar Grove:
12 noon on May 21 through 12 noon on Oct. 15, 2014.

CalTrans will close Hwy 180 to Cedar Grove at 12 noon on Nov. 15, 2014, weather dependent.

Visit Information about Highway 180 outside Kings Canyon or call CalTrans at 800-427-7623 for current road status.

Mineral King Road (Sequoia National Park)

Closed in winter and spring. Current Status: CLOSED
Open May 21 - Oct. 27, 2014,
weather permitting. Partially unpaved. RVs and trailers not recommended.

Crystal Cave Road (Sequoia National Park)

Planned opening for 2014 cave tour season on May 10 - Oct. 14, 2014, weather permitting. Closes with snow. May operate earlier and/or later if weather allows. Current status: CLOSED

Moro Rock/Crescent Meadow Road (Sequoia National Park)

Generally closed in winter and spring. Current status: OPEN

Open May 21 - November 12, 2014, weather permitting. May open earlier or remain open later if weather conditions allow.
During shuttle operations in summer, road is closed to private vehicles on weekends and holidays approximately 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Wolverton Road (Sequoia National Park)

Parking and snow-play areas will be open Friday-Sunday, Wednesday, and on holidays for 2013-14 winter recreation activities, and access to Pear Lake Ski Hut. If road is passable and safe for travel without plowing it will remain open during the week. Current status: OPEN

Hume Lake/Tenmile Road (Sequoia National Forest)

From Princess Campground on Highway 180 to Hume Lake (3 miles):
Open year-round. Chains may be required.

From Hume Lake to the Generals Highway at Quail Flat
(7 miles):
Closes with snow. Not plowed in winter. Accessible when snow melts.

Big Meadows Road (Turn off the Generals Highway between Quail Flat and Monticeto Resort in Sequoia National Forest).

Closed in winter and spring. Opens with snowmelt. Current status: CLOSED

Redwood Mountain Road (Kings Canyon National Park)

Turn off the Generals Highway opposite Quail Flat. Unpaved. Closed in winter and spring with snow. Not plowed. Opens with spring snowmelt. Current status: OPEN

Panoramic Point Road (Kings Canyon National Park)

Turn off by the John Muir Lodge in Grant Grove. No trailers or motorhomes.
Closed in winter and spring with snow. Open by May 21, 2014. Current status: OPEN

South Fork Road (Sequoia National Park)

Turn off Highway 198 in Three Rivers approximately 6 miles south of the Ash Mountain Entrance. Open year-round. Partially unpaved; slippery when wet.

Did You Know?

California flag with a grizzly bear on it.

Although California's state flag has a grizzly bear on it, no grizzlies live in California anymore. The last known grizzly in the state was shot in 1922 just outside what is now Kings Canyon National Park. The remaining bears are all black bears -- no matter what color they are.