Planned Projects

The fire and fuels management program at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks tries to protect ecosystems and communities. This important work is accomplished by restoring fire's natural role in the environment and by reducing hazardous fuels.

Each year, managers prepare an Annual Fuels Treatment Plan that lists all the approved prescribed burns and mechanical fuel reduction projects that will help the parks accomplish goals.

If you are visiting the parks, be aware that fire and smoke can be present at any time. Since the execution of burns depends on air quality, local fire activity, fuel moistures, and weather, the times listed here are estimates only.

Fuels Projects Tables

The table below identifies the planned projects for Calendar Year 2015 and their status. There are 10 projects totaling 1,910 acres. This list is only a guide. It will be updated as projects are completed and/or changed.

Location Unit Name Type Acres Date
Ash Mountain Ash Mountain Burn 25 June
Marble Fork Sunset Rock Burn 75 June
Grant Grove Grant Grove Mechanical 49 June / July
Grant Grove Wilsonia Mechanical 36 June / July
Grant Grove Sequoia Creek Burn 262 September
North Fork Dorst Burn 195 September
Marble Fork Halstead Seqment A Burn 686 October
Mineral King Deadwood Burn 265 October
Cedar Grove Bubbs Burn 261 November
Cedar Grove Lewis Camp Burn 56 November

MAP Click here for a general map showing 2015 project locations

The table below identifies the completed projects for Calendar Year 2014 and their status. There were 8 projects totaling 2,099 acres.

Location Unit Name Type Acres Date
Cedar Grove Valley Floor Burn 45 Completed March 19, 2014
Cedar Grove North Boundary Burn 248 Completed October 17, 2014
Grant Grove Swale West Burn 191 Completed April 24, 2014
Lodegpole Bear Hill Burn 150 Completed June 2, 2014
Ash Mtn. Hospital Rock Burn 2 Completed June 5, 2014
Ash Mtn. Ash Mountain Burn 23 Completed May 27, 2014
Mineral King Mosquito Burn 1,485 Completed October 24, 2014
Mineral King Lookout Mechanical 4 Completed August 23, 2014

MAP Click here for a general map showing 2014 project locations.

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