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    National Historical Park New York

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  • Wayside Exhibits Plan -- Public Input

    Saratoga NHP is asking for public input regarding a Wayside Exhibit Replacement Plan. Public comment period is open through August 31, 2014. Documents on the plan are available for viewing/download. More »

Things To Do

Saratoga National Historical Park offers a wide range of special events and activities throughout the year. Some of these include:

  • "Frost Faire," a winter festival to fight cabin fever and enjoy a day in the Park.
  • "Natural History Hike" series, combining natural and cultural history at lesser-known Park areas.
  • 4th of July, including a naturalization ceremony to create new American citizens, and dramatic readings of the Declaration of Independence.
  • Children's programs, introducing younger visitors to untold stories and everyday life for people their age during Colonial times.
  • "Music on the Menu," a lunchtime series of musical performances reflecting American history and culture from the time of the Revolutionary War.
  • "18th Century Day," a one-day event at the Schuyler House where visitors can enjoy over two dozen demonstrations of 18th century trades and activities.
  • Our Anniversary Encampment, around September 19th, where dozens of individuals portray soldiers and camp followers from the American Army during the Battles of Saratoga.
  • "Candlelight Tour," a candle-lit evening tour of the Schuyler House by costumed guides.

A detailed list of events, dates, times, and locations can be found on our Schedule of Events.

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Did You Know?

An 18th century fleam with three different key-like blades used for blood-letting.

Feeling ill? In the 18th century, your physician might prescribe blood-letting, which was thought to restore the balance of humors (perceived fluids supposedly determining health) in the blood.