Climate Change and Your National Parks

Today's rapid climate change challenges national parks in ways we've never seen before. Glaciers are retreating at an unprecedented rate, increasingly destructive storms threaten cultural resources and park facilities, habitat is disrupted—the list goes on. Discover how climate change is affecting our nation's treasures, what the National Park Service is doing about it, and how you can help.


Breach of Fire Island after Hurricane Sandy

Coastal Adaptation

The Coastal Assets Report has been released! Read the report and learn more about coastal adaptation.

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Grand Canyon

Climate Questions

Climate change is a complex topic. Find answers to frequently asked questions about climate change.

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Historic fish pond and seawall along Hawaiian coast

Effects in Parks

National parks are a testament to the reality of climate change. Discover some of the effects of climate change on parks.

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Woman getting on shuttle bus

What You Can Do

National parks are taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint. Join us by getting involved at home, school, or work or in a park.

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Man standing by monitoring equipment

Internships and Fellowships

The National Park Service engages young scholars to help us tackle research and education projects to look at the effects of climate change.

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