• A lush field of bright orange California poppies against a cloudless blue sky

    Santa Monica Mountains

    National Recreation Area California

Places To Go

A map of park sites found in and around Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area based on access to major roadways.
Download the official park map from the Brochures section of the website.

You may have noticed that Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area doesn’t look like most national parks. Think of this place as a patchwork of many small parks, with lots of partners committed to protecting these mountains and beaches for the public to enjoy. Regardless of park boundaries, there are opportunities for recreation, exploration, relaxation, and inspiration for everyone. Not sure where to go first? Stop by one of our visitor centers or check out the Things to Do section of our website to find an activity that meets your interest.

A large balanced rock with mountain ridges fading into the horizon
Hike to Balanced Rock along the Mishe Mokwa Trail, located near Circle X
Waves crash upon smooth rocks in the fading evening light, a large rock formation in the distance
Drive along the scenic Pacific Coast Highway to Mugu Rock, part of Point Mugu State Park.
A large oak tree silhouetted against an early morning sky
Oak trees welcome visitors along the gentle trails in the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve

Did You Know?