• Canoeists paddle by tree lined shores

    Saint Croix

    National Scenic Riverway WI,MN


Here are maps in three different scales. A general overview map, the official park map, which has some detail, and river section maps. You can select which map best serves your needs.

Overview map of Riverway and area .pdf (142 KB) It shows the Riverway, the states, towns and major roads.

Detailed park map-(this is a large (5.9 MB) .pdf file and takes some time to load up. The map, when printed at 50%, will fit on 8 1/2 x 11" paper or print to fit paper.).


River Section Maps: These Black and white maps (.pdf files) provide the most current information on landings, campsite locations and the availability of water, for the ten sections that the rivers have been divided into. On the backside of each map is information which includes safety and regulations. A color version is also included following each map which may be easier to look at online.

Namekagon River:

Namekagon Dam to Hayward Landing (color ND to H) The well at Cable Wayside and Landing, WI DOT, facility is currently not operational so no water is available.
Hayward to Trego (color H to T)
Trego to Riverside (color T to R)

St. Croix River

Gordon Dam to Riverside Landing (color GD to R) The well at Riverside is not operational
Riverside Landing to Sand Creek Landing (color R to SCL) The well at Riverside is not operational
Sand Creek Landing to Highway 70 (color SCL to H70)The well at Nelsons is not operational
Highway 70 to Highway 8 (color H70 to H8)
Highway 8 to Osceola (color H8 to O)
Osceola to the High Bridge (color O to HB)
High Bridge to Boom Site Landing (boaters) (color HB to BL)

The MN DNR publishes "Metro Area Rivers Guide" which includes the area below the Boomsite, which is in the state zone of the Riverway(pg 41). An online pdf version of this guide is available here


Interactive Maps: The St. Croix National Scenic Riverway has created interactive Google maps of all of the river sections to assist visitors with trip planning. These maps provide location specifec information and pictures, as well as links to other important resources, location based directions and some cultural and natural resource interpretation. You can view an interactive map of the entire Riverway or smaller sections.

The St. Croix National Scenic Riverway Interactive Map

Namekagon River:
Map 1 - Namekagon Dam Landing to Hayward Landing
Map 2 - Hayward Landing to Trego
Map 3 - Trego to Riverside Landing

St. Croix River:
Map 4 - Gordon Dam Landing to Riverside Landing
Map 5 - Riverside Landing to Sand Creek Landing
Map 6 - Sand Creek Landing to Highway 70 Landing
Map 7 - Highway 70 Landing to Highway 8 Landing
Map 8 - Highway 8 Landing to Osceola Landing
Map 9 - Osceola Landing to the Soo Line High Bridge
Map 10- the Soo Line High Bridge to Boomsite Landing

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