• Canoeists paddle by tree lined shores

    Saint Croix

    National Scenic Riverway WI,MN

High Water Impacts

The St. Croix River flows over the road and through a picnic shelter at Osceola Landing on Saturday, June 23, 2012. NPS photo.

Osceola Landing Picnic Area partially underwater on June 23, 2012, due to flooding from heavy rainfall.


Two record flood events in early summer, impacted park facilities they have since reopened. River levels have returned to normal summer levels, but as always, be aware of the river and the weather when boating, canoeing, or kayaking on the St. Croix.

Closures: (Updated Thursday, July 26)

Raspberry Landing (road washed out)


Be safe and have fun!

Did You Know?

What looks like a striped fish with several tails is actually the opening of the mussel shell which is hard to see.

Mussels rely on fish to carry their young around until they are old enough to drop to the river bottom. To attract the fish and attach their young, mussels put on displays that make fish think they are fish or other food. The mussel shell, which is all we normally see, is now barely visible.