• Canoeists paddle by tree lined shores

    Saint Croix

    National Scenic Riverway WI,MN

Park Statistics


National Scenic Riverway - October 2, 1968

Lower River added- October 25, 1972


Gross Area Acres for FY 2004 - 92,738

Gross Area Acres for FY 2003 - 92,754

Total acres within the boundary, Upper and Lower Riverway, including water surface, backwater & islands - 97,573
Total acres, NPS managed area - 81,780
Total acres above ordinary high water mark - 68,191
Total acres owned in fee by USA - 21,165
Total acres protected by easement - 14,137
Total acres other public lands(state, county, town) - 27,471
Total acres, private within municipalities - 5,481

Total Recreation Visits for FY 2004- 313,904

Total Recreation Visits for FY 2003- 282,651

FY 2004 Annual Budget is $3,251,000

FY 2003 Annual Budget is $2,979,000

Did You Know?

A mussel or clam on the sand.  It is dark and bumpy.

Winged maple leaf mussels were thought to be extinct until some were rediscovered in the St. Croix River in 1987. Today scientists are helping to raise young mussels and re-introducing them into their former range including St. Croix National Scenic Riverway to help prevent future extinction.