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San Antonio Missions Trip Planner

A trip planner for San Antonio Missions National Historical Park.

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The Office for Historical Preservation (City of San Antonio) has created a web site of the historic buildings and sites along the Mission Trail. This is an excellent compendium to the San Antonio Missions Trip Planner.

Mission Riverwalk


Getting Around the Park
This brochure is for visitors who prefer to have information in hand. Easy to print.

Mission Riverwalk Hike and Bike Trail
This brochure is provided by San Antonio River Authority (SARA) that oversees the river and the trail project. The Mission Riverwalk Hike and Bike Trail may temporarily close due to high water.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Do you plan to travel to the park in an alternative fuel vehicle? If so, good for you! Your actions help us reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce petroleum use. There is an electric vehicle charging station at Mission San José. Plan your trip with the Alternative Fueling Station Locator from the Department of Energy.

Driving Directions
These are simply driving directions to the Visitor Center and Mission San José from all areas of the city.


Physical Location of Each Mission

Mission Concepción
807 Mission Road
San Antonio, Texas 78210

Mission San José
6701 san Jose Drive
San Antonio, TX 78214

Mission San Juan
9101 Graf Road
San Antonio, Texas 78214

Mission Espada
10040 Espada Road
San Antonio, Texas 78214

Administrative Headquarters
2202 Roosevelt Avenue
San Antonio, Texas 78210

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