Each of the major sites in the park is partially wheelchair accessible and a wheelchair is available for loan at each site.

To make your visit more enjoyable, San Antonio Missions National Park is continually upgrading facilities for greater accessibility. If you have questions or suggestions about facilities not covered in this section, contact: Accessibility Coordinator San Antonio Missions National Historical Park 2202 Roosevelt Ave. San Antonio, TX 78210, or email.


The designation accessible indicates access for wheelchair users in compliance with Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS). Information in this section describes only the accessibility of facilities at San Antonio Missions; it is not a complete description of activities and services.

Designated spaces are marked with the international access symbol. These are reserved for physically disabled visitors whose vehicles display an access placard or license plate.

Signal and Guide Dogs
Dogs must be leashed at all times. Signal and guide dogs are allowed in all public buildings and areas within the park.

Public Transportation
VIA, the San Antonio Transit Authority, provides accessible transportation throughout the city. Regularly scheduled service on Bus #42 can bring you to within one block of Mission San José and Mission Concepción. Accessible sidewalks link the bus stops to the park visitor center. While regularly scheduled bus service is not provided to Mission San Juan or Mission Espada, VIATrans service may be able to transport you to these sites. Call VIA at 227-2020.

Restrooms Restrooms at the park’s visitor center and Mission Concepción are accessible and contain Unisex units. The restrooms inside the Mission San José compound and at Mission San Juan and Mission Espada are within historic structures, but are fully accessible.


Gift Store
The gift store located at the park visitor center at Mission San José is accessible, but some assistance may be needed to reach items and books on higher shelves and for check-writing.

Deaf Services

Captioned Programs
Gente de Razón, the park’s 23-minute video, is captioned and shown at the park’s visitor center daily. Captions are available in English and Spanish.

The San Antonio River Valley map program in the visitor center museum provides an introductory history to the missions and the area. A printed script with cue aids is available from the front desk.

Telephones with Volume Control
A TTY phone is available for visitor use at the visitor center front desk. Visitor Center TTY (210) 922-7152.

Services for the Sight Impaired

Visitor Center and Museums
Park rangers and volunteers at the park visitor center and mission museums can provide personalized services, information, and interpretation about the park.

Tactile Exhibits

The visitor center museum has a relief map of the San Antonio River Valley as well as tactile exhibits of each mission church facade and compound. Each mission site has a relief map of its historic buildings and grounds.

Exhibits with Audio
Historical Information can be recieved through visitors' personal cell phones anywhere and anytime. Currently, cellphone audio tours are available for Missions San José, Espada and San Juan and the Espada Dam and Acequia.
This phone number is accessible throughtout the United States, but will use cellphone minutes. (210) 852-2407 (English) and (210) 857-2408 (Spanish)

Visitor Center Gente de Razón – park video

The San Antonio River Valley – audio/visual exhibit on the history of the San Antonio River Valley

Mission San José - The model in the granary includes an audio program that describes a typical day at the missions.


A variety of activities are available, including organized ranger walks, talks, and demonstrations. Check at any park visitor center for detailed information.

Large Print, Braille, Audio and Computer-Accessible Materials

Cellphone Audio Tours - Missions San José, San Juan and Espada have audio tours available through personal cellphones, which can be accessed while you tour the sites or from the comfort of your home. (210) 852-2407 (English) and (210) 857-2408 (Spanish)

There is little currently available in the other formats.

Visitor Center

The park’s visitor center entrances are all accessible. The visitor restrooms, the theater, and museum area are all accessible. Accessible seating area is located at the front and rear of the theater.

Ranger Activities

Check with a ranger on the accessibility of ranger-led activities. Some activities may require assistance. Inaccessibility may be due to rough terrain, steep grades, or stairs in historic structures.

Self-guiding and Nature trails

Mission Concepción
Paved pathways lead to all major features of Mission Concepción.

Mission San José
A paved walkway leads from the visitor center to the entrance of the mission and encircles the compound, leading to all major features. Access to the church is down a wooden ramp in the convento area and through the Sacristy doors at the rear of the church.

Mission San Juan
Paved walkways lead from the parking lot into and throughout the mission compound. Up-date - Due to construction of the Spanish Colonial Farm at Mission San Juan, some areas might have rough surfaces and lack permenant safety barriers.

Yanaguana Trail at Mission San Juan
This paved nature trail winds through the wooded area to the west of Mission San Juan and down along a section of the original San Antonio River channel. Boardwalks provide excellent observation points along the way. While the trail is paved, some grades may present a challenge for visitors in wheelchairs.

Mission Espada
Paved walkways lead from the parking lot into and throughout the mission compound.

Espada Aqueduct
A paved trail leads to a viewpoint next to the aqueduct structure.

Espada Dam
The dam is visible from the parking lot. The paved trail leading to the structure itself is steep and there are no safety barriers.

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