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Visitors enjoy the sight of Rainbow Bridge from the observation area

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Despite its remote location, close to 100,000 people make the trip to Rainbow Bridge National Monument each year to marvel at one of the world's largest natural bridges. In addition to the geologic formation of the bridge itself, visitors will find opportunities to see and learn about the natural history and cultural stories representative of the Colorado Plateau. Use the links below to plan ahead and make the most of your visit to Rainbow Bridge National Monument.


Your safety is our primary concern. This is a desert and a lake. Please be careful.

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Glen Canyon Natural History Association
Find the books and maps you need to begin your adventure from our cooperating association.


Official Concessioners


Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas
Stay at the Lake Powell Resort Lodge, take a boat tour to Rainbow Bridge, rent a boat, eat at the restaurant, shop at the gift store, camp, launch your boat.


Antelope Point Marina
Launch your boat, rent a boat, take a boat tour to Rainbow Bridge, eat at the restaurant.

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