• As you approach the viewing area from the docks, Rainbow Bridge peeks out from behind the cliffs.

    Rainbow Bridge

    National Monument Utah

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Rainbow Bridge National Monument is administered byGlen Canyon National Recreation Area. Please contact us at 928-608-6200 for more information.


Area Information

Arizona Office of Tourism (866) 275-5816
Bureau of Reclamation at Glen Canyon Dam (928) 645-2481
Glen Canyon Dam Water Data (928) 645-3978
Glen Canyon Natural History Association (928) 608-6068
Page Airport (928) 645-2494
Page Tourism Bureau (928) 645-9496
Utah Travel Council (801) 538-1030


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Did You Know?

Rainbow Bridge

Neighboring Indian tribes believe Rainbow Bridge is a sacred religious site. They travel to Rainbow Bridge to pray and make offerings near and under its lofty span. Special prayers are said before passing beneath the Bridge: neglect to say appropriate prayers might bring misfortune or hardship.