• Speleothems in Miller's Chapel.

    Oregon Caves

    National Monument Oregon

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  • Cave Tours Closed for Season

    Cave Tours are closed for the winter. Tours will resume April 26, 2014. All trails on the monument remain open.

  • Road Work

    Crews are removing brush along highway 46 beginning in the lower parking lot and moving down the highway. Work is scheduled to last until April 20, 2014; expect delays.


How grand is this column? See it for yourself! Grand Column on cave tour route.

Grand Column on cave tour route.


A Great Place to Volunteer

Oregon Caves is one of the few publicly accessible marble caves in the northwest and contains a rich store of scientific knowledge about the region's natural history. The visitor center and historic Chateau lodge are nestled around the cave entrance under a crown of lush green conifers, maples, and madrone trees. Oregon Caves National Monument preserves an old-growth forest within the rugged and of southwestern Oregon, a region widely recognized for its rich geological and biological diversity.

Can you picture yourself here? Do you want to help serve park visitors and protect park resources? Good news, there are VIP positions open at the Monument!


2013 Volunteers-in-parks (VIP) positions

VIP Position: Volunteer Education, Youth, & Outreach Assistant (165KB PDF file)
Make a difference as you lead field trips and visit local classrooms with the education program.
Work Period: March - October 2013 with flexible time commitments.
Contact: Marie Landis (541) 592-2100 ext. 2261 or e-mail Marie for more information.

VIP Position: Visitor Outreach Assistant (186KB PDF file)
Protect bats, educate the public, give tours of the Historic Lodge as you volunteer for the Interpretation Division.
Work Period: Memorial Day through Labor Day with flexible time commitments
Contact: Sandra Gladish (541) 592-2100 ext. 2260 or e-mail Sandra for more information.

VIP Application
Download the volunteer application (369KB PDF). You can then submit that to either Marie or Sandra for review.

Volunteer with Oregon Caves and help save bats.

Volunteer at Oregon Caves and help save bats!



Volunteers have the flexibility to work in a wide variety of jobs and projects for short and long periods of time. Oregon Caves offers some unique underground experiences as well as opportunities in science, restoration, interpretation, and more! You can gain experience, learn new skills, and stay active and involved. Student internships and group service projects can work in conjunction with our Volunteers-in-Parks program to provide opportunities for career development and service. There are also many potential projects for volunteers with specialized skills and backgrounds.

There are many options for volunteers:

  • For Individuals: We have opportunities to volunteer during special volunteer events and to join our team in a volunteer position.
  • For Students: We partner with the Student Conservation Association and the Geological Society of America to offer student internships.
  • For Groups: We schedule groups for a day or a half-day of service, often to pull weeds or pick lint in the cave.

International volunteers must meet visa and immigration requirements to be able to volunteer with the National Park Service. Learn more about the International Volunteers-in-Parks program.

Volunteer Housing

Dormitory-style park housing is limited but may be available. Park policy does not permit pets in the dorm. Download the housing handout (202KB PDF). There are no RV sites in the park. An off-park RV site may be available for volunteers who make a commitment of at least three months.

Did You Know?

From the vista on the Cliff Nature trail you can see the nation's largest serpentine rock outcrops in the distance.

The mountains surrounding Oregon Caves are composed of ocean crust including rocks uplifted directly from the mantle. These mantle rocks make up one of the largest serpentine rock outcrops in the nation.