A large crowd gathered on June 18 to hear the NPS proposed plan for a Muir Woods reservation system

A large crowd gathered on June 18, 2014 in Mill Valley to hear the National Park Service's proposed plan for a Muir Woods Reservation System.

NPS photo by Ranger Lou Salas Sian

Park managers propose a Muir Woods reservation system plan
The NPS is proposing to create a parking reservation system that would support management of visitation to levels that meet park goals for safety, natural resource preservation, visitor experience, and public access. The reservation system is intended to be a long-term measure that will allow the park to work with visitors in advance of their arrival so that congestion, and its related impacts, can be minimized and the quality of the experience enhanced. NPS anticipates that the system would operate year-round and reservations would be made through a website, a call center, on site for less busy days, and possibly at other locations. Implementation of the reservation system would use existing park and county infrastructure; no new construction is being proposed. There are no plans to build a parking structure on Panoramic Highway.

Public Scoping was initiated on Wednesday, September 4 and the first public meeting for this project was held on September 18, 2013. A second informational meeting was held on June 18, 2014. During the Question and Answer period, project managers referred to the National Parks Conservation Association's State of the Parks report about Muir Woods. As requested by the public, here are links to the report and fact sheet:

Updated November 2014:

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Unsafe parking behavior on Muir Woods Road

With high visitation, finding parking becomes a challenge. Here, visitors moved the "No Parking" sign on a busy weekend afternoon and parked on a hazardous embankment partially obscured by vegetation. Knowing that it would be less crowded in the morning, the driver returned the next morning with a tow truck company. No one was injured.

NPS photo by Ranger Lou Salas Sian, 6/25/14.


Cars stack up at the Muir Woods gate waiting for the 8 AM opening. Park managers are proposing a reservation system to manage the high numbers of visitors driving to Muir Woods. Mornings are the best times to visit Muir Woods. Each of these cars found parking close to the entrance. Read the 7 Ranger's tips posted on the Muir Woods homepage on how to visit Muir Woods safely this summer or how to find parking.

NPS Photo by Ranger Lou Salas Sian


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