• Mount Rainier peeks through clouds, viewed across subalpine wildflowers and glacial moraine.

    Mount Rainier

    National Park Washington

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  • Nisqually to Paradise Delays

    Road construction from the Nisqually Entrance to Longmire. Expect a 30-minute delay, Monday through Friday. More »


There are two hotels located inside Mount Rainier National Park. Both are run by Mount Rainier Guest Services.

April 26, 2013. Marijuana on Federal lands: Mount Rainier National Park would like provide clarification regarding the use and possession of marijuana on Federal lands. The recently passed Washington State law, which allows for limited recreational marijuana use under certain conditions, has no bearing on Federal laws which continue to identify marijuana as a Schedule I illegal drug, and prohibit its use. More information posted on Park Notices.

The National Park Inn, at Longmire, is a wooden building with a full-length porch.

National Park Inn at Longmire

NPS Photo

National Park Inn
Located in the Longmire Historic District at an elevation of 2,700 feet, the National Park Inn is open year round. The Inn has 25 guest rooms, a full service dining room, a general store, and a post office. Reserve a room online at Mount Rainier Guest Services or call 360-569-2275 for more information.
Photographed in 1941, the Paradise Inn sits behind a busy parking area.

Paradise Inn in 1941

NPS Photo

Paradise Inn
Built in 1916, the Historic Paradise Inn has retained its rustic style and is generally open mid-May through early October. Located at an elevation of 5,420 feet, the Paradise Inn has 121 guest rooms, a gift shop, post office, café, and full service dining room. Reserve a room online at (360) 569-2275 or visit Mount Rainier Guest Services or call 360-569-2275 for more information.

Lodging Outside the Park
Accomodations are available in communities outside of the park. Lodging information is available through the park partners listed below in communities near the park.

Destination Packwood
Lodging in communities outside the southeast corner of the park.

Mineral Lake
Lodging, dining and activities in the Mineral Lake area, near the southwest corner of the park.

Mount Rainier Visitor Association
Lodging in communities outside the southwest corner of the park.

Crystal Mountain Lodging Association
Lodging, dining, and activities outside the northeast corner of the park.

Stay Rainier
Lodging outside the northeast (Sunrise) corner of the park.

Visit Rainier
Lodging in all areas outside the park.

Did You Know?

Visitor exploring the former Paradise Ice Caves.

For many years, the Paradise Ice Caves were a popular attraction at Mount Rainier. Until the 1980s, visitors could explore passages within the Paradise Glacier which had formed due to seasonal melting of the ice. By the early 1990s, climate change had melted away the last traces of the caves. More...