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Big cities and small towns. Cultural history and natural history. Hiking and bicycling. Gorges and waterfalls. Historic milling districts and museums. The Mississippi National River and Recreation Area stretches along the banks and islands of the Mississippi River for 72 miles through the heart of one of the United States' great metropolitan areas.

This section of our website will help you plan your exploration of this urban national park, whether that visit is for a few hours or a few days. You will find maps, places to go, things to do, suggested resources, and discover the backdrop of history, culture, nature, and science that forms the foundation of this national park. Of course, we also have rangers willing to help you with questions and additional suggestions at our visitor center (contact information and hours).

Explore Your Options

Be sure to read through the Basic Information page to find the essentials that will make your trip here an outstanding experience.

If you are not sure what to do here, consult our Things to Do page. That section is arranged by both interest and season and should give you some ideas. Of course we have friendly rangers available as well at our visitor center on Tuesdays through Sundays. Contact them at 651-293-0200.

If you are wanting to just browse places in our park, check out our Places to Go page.

Our Calendar, of course, lists programs led by NPS rangers or by our partners. Programs include ice and summer fishing, traditional ice harvesting, bird hikes and bike rides among other fun events designed for all ages.

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