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Plan Your Visit

Visitors can use the information on this page to plan their visit to the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area.

Mississippi River Trip Planner: This interactive guide will help you plan a route to locations in the park using bus, rail lines, boating, bike and walking trails, and the best points of access for popular river destinations.
Mississippi River Visitor Center: The standard National Park Service map is available at our visitor center in the lobby of the Science Museum of Minnesota and in the left-side menu on this page. Park Rangers are also available to help plan your visit.
Schedule of Events: Use the Schedule of Events to help you plan your visit around a program led by National Park Service rangers or one of our partners.
Mississippi River Companion: The Mississippi River Companion has detailed maps, notes, and interpretive materials which will help you find boat launches, hiking and biking trails and other recreational opportunities along the Mississippi River.



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Minnesota is known for its temperature extremes. Winter days can sometimes get no warmer than -10°F (-23°C), and summer days occasionally reach more than 100°F (38°C). If you plan on doing an outdoor activity, make sure you bring suitable clothing and gear for the temperature.

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Did You Know?

A barge going underneath a bridge.

Sixty percent of all grain exported from the United States is transported and shipped on the Mississippi River.