Museums are a wonderful place to find out about our history through viewing artifacts, talking with knowledgable staff, taking a tour and learning at exhibits.

Mill City Museum
704 South Second St., Minneapolis MN 55401
Flour was king! The mills that once sat along the Mississippi River in this area shipped wheat from as far west as Montana and Kansas and as far north as Saskatchewan. The flour produced here was shipped east by rail and fed much of North America and western Europe. Most importantly, for better or worse, it changed the way we think of and market food even today.

Historic Fort Snelling
200 Tower Ave., St. Paul MN 55111
Historic Fort Snelling once lay on the northwest frontier. This land was home to the Dakota, but successive waves of other nationalities—Spanish, French, English, and Americans—came to dominate trade and laid claims to the land itself. It is a story of economic and military competition, of justice and injustice, and forms a foundation helping us to understand who we are and how we arrived at this point in history.

Sibley House Historic Site
1357 Sibley Memorial Hwy., Mendota MN 55150
The site consists of four limestone buildings and is the oldest white settlement in Minnesota. Situated at the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers, the site is rich in history.

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