Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of park is this?
The Mississippi National River and Recreation Area (MNRRA) is a partner park that offers traditional outdoor activities alongside a wide variety of high quality city-based visitor centers, programs and activities.

What is a partner park?
It is a place where the National Park Service works with other agencies to preserve, enhance and make special places available to visitors by working with other agencies. The Park Service owns only 35 of the approximately 54,000 acres within the MNRRA boundary. All the rest is owned and managed by partner agencies.

What can I do there?
There are walking trails year round. Biking trails in spring, summer and fall. And skiing and snowshoe trails in the winter. There are many historical sites to visit as well as sites of natural splendor including Minnehaha Falls, Spring Lake Park Reserve, and Grey Cloud Dunes native prairie site. Visit our Plan Your Visit pages to get a better feel for the variety this park has to offer. What we don't have is camping; but read on and you will find alternative locations for camping.

Can my passport be stamped there?
Yes! Go to our Passport Information and Stamping Stations page for more information.

What national passport is right for me?
Visit the National Park Service Entrance Pass Programs to get information about the National Parks Pass, Golden Age or a Golden Access pass.

Are there places within the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area appropriate for weddings?
Yes. Some good locations are: Wigington Pavilion at Harriet Island Regional Park, Fort Snelling Chapel, Riedel Farm Estate, and the Spring Lake Park Reserve. Privately chartered boats are available through Padelford Packet Boat Company or Minneapolis Queen.

Are campsites available in the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area?

There are no campsites within the boundary of the park, but there are local and state campgrounds nearby.
Camping is available within the metropolitan area include Anoka County Parks, Carver County Parks, Dakota County Parks, Three Rivers Park District, Washington County Parks, William O'Brien State Park, Afton State Park,and Minnesota Valley State Trail & Recreation Area.

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