44th Missile Wing Map

Map of the 44th Missile Wing - Ellsworth Air Force Base, western South Dakota



Park Map - 64KB PDF
Map showing the location of the Minuteman Missile Visitor Center, Launch Control Facility Delta-01 and Launch Facility (Missile Silo) Delta-09.

Area Map - 185KB PDF
A travelers map showing the immediate area of the park and routes to and from Minuteman Missile National Historic Site.

United States Minuteman Missile Wings - 272KB PDF
Map showing the areas of the six Minuteman Missile wings on the central and northern Great Plains. The areas in black denote deactivated missile wings, the areas in red denote the active missile wings.

44th Missile Wing - 128KB PDF
Map showing the 44th Missile Wing of Ellsworth Air Force Base which was operational from 1963 until deactivation in the 1990's. This map also denotes the 3 missile squadrons and 15 missile flights which comprised the wing.

Delta Flight - 125KB PDF
A map showing the locations of the ten missiles of the Delta Flight which were part of the 66th Strategic Missile Squadron, 44th Missile Wing.

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