• Underground Delta-01 LCC, 44th Missile Wing/66th Strategic Missile Wing logos, topside view of Delta-09 LF

    Minuteman Missile

    National Historic Site South Dakota

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For Teachers

Minuteman Missile ranger with students at Big White school

Minuteman Missile ranger with students at Big White School.


Minuteman Missile Education In Your Classroom!

Minuteman Missile NHS offers all western South Dakota schools the opportunity to have a ranger visit their classroom. The visit consists of a PowerPoint program about the history of Minuteman Missiles on the Great Plains and their role in the Cold War. Also, the park film - which includes an interview with a local rancher who had a Minuteman site placed on his property - is shown. To schedule a ranger visit to your class contact us or call ranger Alison Shoup at 605-433-5552, extension 242!

Minuteman Missile come to South Dakota

Minuteman Missiles come to South Dakota in 1963


Each year more and more teachers are interested in using Minuteman Missile National Historic Site as a tool to help their students understand the Cold War and its influence on American History.

The Minuteman Missile Teaching With Historic Places Lesson Plan was designed to meet the South Dakota state curriculum standards, which are based on the National standards. Teachers will find several activities to help their students learn about the Cold War, the beginning of the missile age and the coming of the Minuteman system to the Great Plains.

We invite you to adapt each lesson to serve your needs and inspire students to learn about the Cold War - the major international event of the last half of the 20th century.

To explore the lesson plan click here...If you need additional information or have questions, contact the park at 605-433-5552, extension 242.

Did You Know?

Signing of the START treaty

Delta-01 and Delta-09 were selected for preservation because they were the most typical and least altered from the original 1961 Minuteman missile configuration.