• Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and  the Civil Rights Movement

    Martin Luther King Jr

    National Historic Site Georgia

Visitor Center

Courage to Lead exhibit

Inside of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Visitor Center.  A portion of the "Courage to Lead" exhibit.

A staffed Information Desk is located just inside the front doors of the National Park Service Visitor Center. This is the place to stop for a brief orientation to the historic site, which facilities are open, how to sign up for a Birth Home tour, and where the nearest restroom is.

Located in the lobby of the Visitor Center is the "Children of Courage" exhibit, which is geared towards our younger visitors. This exhibit tells the story about the children of the Civil Rights Movement with a challenge to our youth today.

While in the Visitor Center don't miss the featured exhibit entitled "Courage To Lead" which follows the parallel paths of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Civil Rights Movement. Also, walk down "Freedom Road".

Video programs are presented in the Visitor Center Theater on a continuing basis.

Did You Know?

Mama King (Alberta)

Mama King (Alberta) was playing the organ in 1974 when a young Black man named Marcus Wayne Chennault stood up and opened fire. He killed Mama King and a Deacon and wounded two other Deacons. He was sentenced to life in prison and died in 1988. No reason was ever given for why he killed Mrs. King.