Backcountry Road Closure

Little River Canyon National Preserve Backcountry Road 05 is officially closed between Hartline Ford and Road 08.The park has blocked access using barricades and signs.A deep sinkhole has collapsed in the middle of the road and the hole is still growing.It is unsafe to drive over or around this sinkhole;the extra weight could collapse more of the road. Water is flowing from a spring under the road creating this problem. More....


Effective Immediately: Little River Canyon National Preserve announces closure of three Backcountry Campsites because of Health and Safety Concerns.

The three campsites are normally open February 1 each year. During inspection it was determined the pit toilets were unserviceable. For more information please click here.


Prescribed Fire


Prescribed Fires Scheduled April 10 -12, 2014

Superintendent Gail Bishop announces a window of time for a prescribed burn between April 10 and April 12, 2014 to reduce hazardous fuels in the forested regions and to enhance native habitats. Ignition of the prescribed fire is based on weather conditions.

Slant Rock Burn Unit is located on the north side of Highway 35 and west of County Road 103. Closures during this prescribed burn include the Slant Rock campsite, Backcountry Roads 01, 02, 03, and 04 will occur on the day and possibility the day after the burn.

The park staff will be assisted by the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park's Fire Use Module. Prescribed fires help to decrease the impact and danger of wildfires if they occur. The National Park Service follows specific guidelines and uses extreme caution when conducting these burns.

For additional information contact the Little River Canyon National Preserve at (256)845-9605. Updates are available on the Preserve's Facebook page.

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