• Autumn photo of Lake Clark and the Aleutian Range in Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

    Lake Clark

    National Park & Preserve Alaska


A wide variety of exciting and challenging employment opportunities await you at Lake Clark National Park & Preserve. While we are a small staff, we do fill positions in many fields, including interpretation, maintenance, administration, natural and cultural resource management, and law enforcement. Some jobs are office-oriented, others focus on working with the public, and some involve working outdoors. Each job performs a vital function - that of providing visitors an opportunity to enjoy a meaningful experience, while working hard to preserve natural and cultural resources for future generations.


Employment Information:

Positions Open to all US Citizens and/or Merit Promotion
Most seasonal and permanent job openings are advertised through USA Jobs. Search "Lake Clark" in the "What" field to get results pertinent to Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. This is an online electronic application process only. Current job openings will not necessarily be posted here. Check USA Jobs to see what is available.

Positions Open through the Local Hire Authority
Every current Local Hire Authority job opening will be posted here. This is a paper application process only. We are currently recruiting for:
Full-time, temporary Laborer positions to work May 18 - September 30, 2014. Application must be postmarked by April 8, 2014.



The park hires interns and trail crew through the Student Conservation Association. Positions will not necessarily be posted here. Check the SCA website to see what is currently available. We are currently recruiting for:
A Fisheries Management Intern June 1 - August 23.

The SCA is hosting this year's Youth Conservation Leadership Crew Alaskan Experience in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. You will walk away with concrete outdoor skills certifications and a focussed training on leadership, wilderness medicine, and outdoor education. High School students or 2014 graduates between the ages of 15 and 19 are encouraged to apply by April 15th. *This is not a paid position.

Did You Know?

Antlers are covered with velvet while still growing - the velvet contains blood vessels that bring nutrients to the growing tissue.

Female caribou have antlers, but female moose do not. Male moose and all caribou shed their antlers in the late fall or early winter, and grow new antlers in the spring. Caribou and moose are the only two members of the deer family found in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve.