• Fall colors dot a landscape with towering mountain peaks and turquoise lakes in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve.

    Lake Clark

    National Park & Preserve Alaska

"Where We Found A Whale" A History of Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

"What has survived above all is a sense of identity. The Alutiiq and Dena'ina suffered from forced acculturation under U.S. government policy, but many aspects of traditional culture survived, thanks to the stories passed from one generation to the next. They preserved tales of ancient heroes and mythic beings, ukgwepet--"our beliefs"--ties to the land, shared history and strong ties to the past...language, kinship, and subsistence."

Where We Found Cover187px

By Brian Fagan
Archeologist, National Park Service

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Table of Contents & Preface

Setting the Stage: A Glacial Landscape, A Land of Two Worlds: The Interior, A Land of Two Worlds: The Coast, The Native People, The Archaeologists, The Tools at Hand

The First Settlers: First Settlement: By Land or Water?, When Was First Settlement?, Routes Southward, Paleoarctic Peoples: First Settlement in Southern Alaska

angyag with four paddlers_285px

An angyaq, with four paddlers and a figure standing at what appears to be the stern. A whale appears at the bottom right. The image is digitally enhanced.

NPS/J. Henderson

Exploiting the Shore: Early Maritime Settlement, Sea-Lion Hunters on Mink Island, Ocean Bay, The Kachemak Tradition, Lake Clark: The Remote Shore

The Alutiiqs: The "Real People", Reduced Mobility, A Culture of Specialists, The Whalers, Sea-Mammal Hunting, A Palimpsest of Ritual, People of Power

Tuxedni Rock Shelter: Archaeologists at Tuxedni, The Paintings, What Do the Paintings Mean?

Clam Cove: A Quest for Chronology, The South Wall Paintings, The West Wall Paintings, Who Painted Here?

human figure with rattles285px

A human figure, with somewhat relaxed legs joined by a thin line, holds what appears to be two rattles. The image is digitally enhanced.

NPS/J. Henderson

Ancient Painters: Tuxedni and Clame Cove, Comparisons, Artists as Shamans

The Dena'ina: The Frontier Shifts, "The People", Fish, Game, and Plants, Winter and Summer, Chiefs and Shamans, Mapping and Land

Contact: Captain James Cook, Russian Fur Traders and the Alutiiqs, Meanwhile, in Cook Inlet..., Excavations at Kijik, "Our Beliefs"

Appendix: Conserving Lake Clark Park's Rock Paintings & Learning More

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