Nanutset ch'u Q'udi Gu (Before Our Time and Now)

book cover showing historic image of an Alaska Native woman and a modern day image of salmon strips drying in the sun

An Ethnohistory of Lake Clark National Park & Preserve
By Karen Gaul, Cultural Anthropologist

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Book Cover & Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction: Lake Clark National Park & Local Residents
Chapter 2 The Lake Clark Environment: Qizhjeh Vena
Chapter 3 Historical Overview: From Origins & Prehistory to ANCSA & ANILCA

Alaska Native women gutting fish at a table

Cleaning fish at the Evanoff Family Fish Camp.

NPS Photo

Chapter 4 Village Profiles
Chapter 5 Lives in Motion: Subsistence-based Culture and Economy
Chapter 6 Family and Community Ties

Chapter 7 Language and Identity
Chapter 8 Multiple Uses, Multiple Meanings
Chapter 9 Assessment and Recommendations for Further Research

Bibliography & List of Figures

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