• A mid-afternoon veiw down the expanse of Isle Royale National Park.  Photo taken from the Mount Ojibway Fire Tower.

    Isle Royale

    National Park Michigan

Things To Do

Ranger III moves through Middle Island Passage.
Ranger III going through Middle Island Passage.
National Park Service

The Arrival

For the past few hours, total strangers have become united, not as acquaintances or friends, but united in the power of what lies ahead.

Passengers arrive at the Rock Harbor Dock.
Passengers arrive at the Rock Harbor Dock.
National Park Service

The feeling of excitement, awe, exhilaration, hope, fear, apprehension have all arrived. Soon the journey begins with a dip of the paddle, the lacing of boots, the stroll to the lodge, or the turn of the key.

Passengers at dock in Rock Harbor.
Passengers at the Rock Harbor dock.
National Park Service

For these visitors have “Things to Do”, which expand their horizons, challenge their abilities, deepen friendships, bond father to son, mother to daughter, give meaning to life, relax the soul, slow the pace of life, humble the mind, and create the avenue for change. The arrival unites them all with the awesome power found inside Isle Royale National Park.

Aerial of the north shore of the Island.
Aerial view of the north shore of the Island.
National Park Service

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