• Springtime at Hubbell

    Hubbell Trading Post

    National Historic Site Arizona

Plan Your Visit

Interior of Hubbell family home.

Interior of the Hubbell family home.

NPS photo by E.Chamberlin.

Things To Do:

  • Join a ranger guided walk for an in-depth interpretation of the Hubbell homestead, business and ranch. Use this link to read more about this tour.

  • Explore the oldest continuously operating trading post in the American Southwest. Shop for authentic Navajo rugs, jewelry, and baskets.

  • Enter the bullpen of the trading post where the community shops for food and dry goods. Buy a delicious snack for the road.

  • Watch, listen and experience the trader buy a Navajo rug from a skilled Navajo weaver.

  • Experience Joy, at the annual Holiday Luminaria night.

  • Wander through the grounds of the Hubbell family homestead and see the barn, bunkhouse, guest hogan, historic farm equipment, horses, chickens, and Navajo Churro sheep.

  • Attend a "Sheep Is Life" workshop to learn about Navajo Lifeways.

  • Join a tour of the historic Hubbell home ($2 / person); the family home of J. L. Hubbell.

  • Watch the Navajo artist in the Visitor Center weave a Navajo rug.

  • Learn how to weave a Navajo rug first hand on the visitor's loom, also in the Visitor Center.

  • Participate in a Native American art auction.

Did You Know?

Ganado style Navajo weaving.

In 1974 this exact copy Navajo rug (HUTR 4207)was woven to replace the Navajo rug on the floor in the Hubbell family home dining room (HUTR 3237). Look up both rugs in the Hubbell Museum Collection database. More...