Hot springs in the middle of town?

Water. That's what first attracted people, and they have been coming here ever since to use these soothing thermal waters to heal and relax. Rich and poor alike came for the baths, and a thriving city built up around the hot springs. Together nicknamed "The American Spa," Hot Springs National Park today surrounds the north end of the city of Hot Springs, Arkansas. Come discover it for yourself.

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woman relaxing in old bath tub

Getting in the hot spring water, old style

Since 1912, Buckstaff Bathhouse has provided traditional bathing for visitors. Come experience this unique relaxative experience for yourself today.

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five people soaking in pool with stained glass overhead

Getting into the water, new style

A modern day spa atmosphere awaits you at the Quapaw Baths and Spa. Soak in pools with the hot spring water or use private baths. Ages 14 and up.

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scene on a trail with park Let's Move Outside logo

Healthy Parks Healthy People

"Take a hike and call me in the morning." Read more about partnerships at Hot Springs National Park to enhance public health.

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Young white boy on left, young white girl sitting in right foreground, both holding and looking at trading cards

Trading Cards for Kids

Kids, find out how to get your trading cards featuring civil rights stories of Hot Springs National Park.

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map of Bathhouse Row

Park Partners provide services in the park

Buckstaff Baths, Quapaw Baths and Spa, and the Hot Springs Mountain Tower are park partners.

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Blue tent in wooded campsite with RVs in the background

Park Camping

Hot Springs National Park has only one campground, Gulpha Gorge. Click here for more information.

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