• A plush carpet of green grass covering the Mound City Group in summer

    Hopewell Culture

    National Historical Park Ohio

Park Planning

Spruce Hill Works by Squier & Davis - 1847

Plate from the Squier & Davis 1848 publication "Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley."

Spruce Hill Summary Report

Learn more about Spruce Hill earthworks and how it may become a park unit of Hopewell Culture National Historical Park in the future.

Did You Know?

Ancient Monuments, Squier & Davis

The first publication of the Smithsonian Institution in 1848 was an extensive survey of archeology sites that included all of the sites at Hopewell Culture NHP. The book was authored by Ephraim Squier (left) and Edwin Davis (right), residents of the town of Chillicothe where Hopewell Culture NHP is located.